4 Things to Know About Wearing Invisalign Aligner Trays

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Invisalign trays perform excellently in straightening misaligned teeth. Like traditional metal braces, how long your Invisalign treatment lasts will depend on several factors. There are times when you may also need to take out the Invisalign. To learn more, here is a highlight of a few critical things that you need to know.

The Severity of Your Misalignment Is a Determinant

Teeth alignment takes time. Some patients may need to wear Invisalign for 12 months, and others for a longer or shorter time. If you have severe teeth misalignment, it makes perfect sense that you will be among those that have to wear the Invisalign longer, even up to 18 months.

Consistent Daily Use for Faster Results

You should do your best to ensure that you clock in at least 22 to 23 hours of wear time with Invisalign. You may experience slight discomfort when you first start wearing the Invisalign, but that shouldn't drive you to take them out.

First, the discomfort does go away, and within no time, you will be excused for forgetting that you are wearing the aligners. Even more important is that you can look forward to faster results if you remain consistent about keeping them on for as long as your dentist recommends every day.

Know When to Take Them Out

Do not forget to take the aligners out when you eat. You will also need to take them out when you want to clean your teeth. You may also want to give yourself a break, especially in those early days when you are just starting to get used to the aligner trays.

Whatever the reason for taking them out, keep in mind that it shouldn't be for too long. As mentioned, you will want to wear Invisalign for as many hours as you can each day. Do not forget to keep your trays in the Invisalign case whenever you take them out. The case will protect your aligners from potential damage.

Stick to the Recommended Change Interval

As recommended by your dental care provider, you will need to change out your Invisalign each week, or after two weeks. Stick to the specified plan, and you can expect the best results as far as pacing the progress of your teeth alignment.

Keeping your aligners in for the recommended time every day, taking them out when you should, and changing them as frequently as recommended will ensure that you see results from your Invisalign treatment within no time.