Why Aren't Your Invisalign Braces Tracking Correctly?

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Invisalign braces move your teeth in stages. This involves wearing different sets of braces at specific stages during your treatment. Each set is there to do a specific job; when that is done, you switch to the next set.

Your dentist will generally use a software program to set up your treatment plan. This software shows what needs to happen to make your teeth move into their correct positions and helps set up a plan that manages how many sets of braces you wear and for how long. This process is sometimes known as tracking.

If all goes to plan, each set of braces fits correctly when you start to wear it so that it can do its particular job. However, sometimes, you may find that your tracking is a little off. For example, rather than sitting snugly over all your teeth, there may be a space between the bottom of a tooth and the bottom of the brace. Why is this happening?

The Brace Is Mispositioned

If one of your braces is sitting below a tooth, then you may simply not have pushed it in fully. It may not have snapped into place on one side when you put it in, for example. To fix this, try taking the brace out again and reinserting it. If this doesn't fix the problem, then use an Invisalign chewie. Chewies can help push braces on to teeth more effectively. Bite down on one to see if this pushes the brace up enough to make the tooth fill its space.

Your Teeth Haven't Moved Enough

Sometimes, your tracking doesn't match your schedule because your teeth haven't moved according to plan. This can happen if you haven't worn your last set of braces enough.

If the braces weren't in your mouth for the requisite number of hours a day, then they may not have finished making their movements before you're due to change to the next set. Your teeth aren't in quite the right places or positions for this new set and it may be obvious that your tracking is delayed. This can also be caused by stubborn teeth that don't move as quickly as expected. In this case, your dentist may need to refine your treatment until the problem is fixed.

If you think you have tracking problems, call your dentist. They may want you to make an appointment to check your teeth and braces out to see if there is a problem that needs a fix.

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